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At age 22, there is no doubt that singer BoA has accomplished much in her lifetime. From training to her debut in Japan, she has made a mark on the Asian industry that can never be replaced.

BoA Kwon was discovered by SM Entertainment while accompanying her brother to an audition, and from age 11, she started training for her debut in her home country of South Korea. From there, SME partnered up with Avex in Japan to arrange for her Japanese debut. Soon she spent more time in Japan than Korea, but her popularity kept sky-rocketing in both countries. She has helped the hallyu (Korean) wave spread across Asia, and has helped bridge the music gap between Japan and Korea. She's released over 10 albums and more than 25 singles amounting to selling more than 20 million copies, and has certainly become a household name because of her dedication and hard work.

Her next obstacle is crossing over the Pacific Ocean to make her mark in the largest music industry in the United States. With years of experience behind her and an unfailing determination, she is willing to risk it all to have her music heard to even more people in a foreign language she has quickly learned.

A singer, songwriter, dancer, and most of all, growing woman, BoA has contributed much to the music world and will hopefully continue to stay in the music business for days to come. This kind of talent is rare and is truly admirable.

★ All topics must be BoA-related. No bashing, accusing of plastic surgeries, etc. :D This community is only open to FANS.

★ Please RESPECT others. I know everyone has their own opinions and backgrounds, but discourtesy will not be tolerated here. We promote love.

★ Graphics, fanworks, pictures, and icons are welcome but must be put under a LiveJournal cut. Smaller previews accepted, and icons of three (the rest must be under the cut). Previews MUST contain BoA in it.

★ Downloadable media must be FRIENDS LOCKED, otherwise it will be deleted. You must join the community to see those entries. Do not link to a locked post in another journal. (New Rule: 1/29/09) In order to support BoA, please do not upload more than 1 song from a single, or 3 songs from an album. Music videos, performances, etc are accepted. If you're requesting for something downloadable, lock your post too.

★ Please TAG your entries accordingly, with all applicable tags possible.

★ Advertising is allowed, as long as it's related to BoA or KPop and not degrading or offensive.

★ And of course, have fun! ♥

Intro posts are also welcome, if you'd like to introduce yourself! We also accept spazzing, fan accounts, etc. We are a community of loving fans. :D

Name: BoA Kwon
Bloodtype: AB
Birthdate: 1986.11.05
Skills: singing, HIP HOP dance (learned from her older brother), Japanese and English language study
Favorite Music: R&B (older brother's influence)
Music of Influence: HIP HOP
Favorite Singers: Nelly, Britney Spears, Brian McKnight, P!NK, Janet Jackson, JAY-Z
Favorite Movie: Notting Hill
Favorite Actors: Yu Ji Tae, Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite Western Clothes: cute HIP HOP style
In the Future...: I want to be a singer, dancer, and actress.

Japanese Albums
[2002.03.13] LISTEN TO MY HEART
[2003.01.29] VALENTI
[2004.01.15] LOVE & HONESTY
[2006.02.15] OUTGROW
[2007.01.17] MADE IN TWENTY(20)
[2008.02.27] THE FACE

Korean Albums
[2000.08.26] ID;Peace B
[2002.03.13] NO.1
[2003.05.30] Atlantis Princess
[2004.06.15] My Name
[2005.06.23] Girls on Top

English Albums
[2009.03.17] BoA

Remix Albums
[2002.08.07] Peace B. REMIXES
[2003.08.27] NEXT WORLD

Mini Albums
[2001.03.03] Jumping into the World
[2002.09.24] Miracle
[2003.12.04] Shine We Are

Compilation Albums
[2004.03.03] K-pop Selection
[2005.02.02] BEST OF SOUL
[2009.03.18] BEST & USA

Other Works
[2000.12.08] Merry Christmas (Winter Vacation SMTOWN)
[2001.12.09] the meaning of peace (with Koda Kumi)
[2002.06.11] My Boy,Amazing Kiss (Summer Vacation SMTOWN)
[2002.10.30] Everything Needs Love (Mondo Grosso feat. BoA)
[2002.12.07] Snow In My Mind,Jewel Song (Winter Vacation Smtown)
[2003.02.26] Holiday (Palmdrive feat. BoA & Akira)
[2003.03.17] the Love Bug (m-flo loves BoA)
[2003.05.25] The Lights of Seoul (Given at concert)
[2003.06.23] Summer In Dream,Romeo (Summer Vac. SMTOWN)
[2003.09.26] Show Me What You Got (BRATZ feat. BoA & Howie D.)
[2003.12.08] Feel The Same (Winter Vacation in SMTOWN)
[2004.06.02] Lollipop,Midnight Parade (Summer Vacation SMTOWN)
[2005.12.07] Merry Christmas from BoA (Digital Single)
[2006.06.20] TOUCH ('06 SUMMER SMTOWN)
[2006.09.21] KEY OF HEART (Korean ver.) (Digital Single)
[2006.11.10] Sunshine (사랑따윈필요없어 OST)
[2006.12.12] DOTCH (2006 Winter SMTOWN)
[2007.07.04] 이브의 경고 Feat.Shin Dong (2007 Summer SMTOWN)
[2007.11.08] Anyband (Digital Single)
[2007.12.07] On DECEMBER 27th (2007 Winter SMTOWN)

Japanese Singles
[2001.05.30] ID;Peace B
[2001.07.25] Amazing Kiss
[2001.12.05] 気持ちはつたわる
[2002.01.17] LISTEN TO MY HEART
[2002.03.13] Every Heart -ミンナノキモチ-
[2002.05.29] Don't start now
[2002.08.28] VALENTI
[2002.09.19] 奇蹟 / NO.1
[2002.12.11] JEWEL SONG / BESIDE YOU -僕を呼ぶ声-
[2003.05.14] Shine We Are! / Earthsong
[2003.10.22] DOUBLE
[2003.12.03] Rock With You
[2004.02.11] Be the one
[2004.09.01] QUINCY / コノヨノシルシ
[2004.12.01] メリクリ
[2005.03.30] DO THE MOTION
[2005.08.31] make a secret
[2005.11.23] 抱きしめる
[2006.01.18] Everlasting
[2006.04.05] 七色の明日~brand new beat~ / Your Color
[2006.08.09] KEY OF HEART / DOTCH
[2006.11.01] Winter Love
[2007.04.25] Sweet Impact
[2007.09.19] LOVE LETTER
[2007.12.12] LOSE YOUR MIND
[2008.02.20] be with you.
[2008.06.04] Vivid
[2009.02.18] 永遠 / UNIVERSE / BELIEVE in LOVE

Korean Singles
[2003.10.22] Double
[2003.12.03] Rock With You
[2004.12.01] 메리-크리
[2006.01.18] Everlasting

[2003.03.07] BoA FIRST LIVE TOUR 2003 ~VALENTI~
[2003.03.19] 8 Films & More
[2003.08.05] History of BoA
[2004.07.04] BoA LIVE TOUR 2004 -LOVE & HONESTY-
[2005.07.06] BoA ARENA TOUR 2005 -BEST OF SOUL-
[2007.03.07] BoA THE LIVE 裏ボア…聴かせ系
[2007.03.07] BoA COMPLETE CLIPS 2004-2006
[2007.08.08] BoA ARENA TOUR 2007 “MADE IN TWENTY(20)”
[2008.03.26] BoA The Live “X'Mas”
[2008.09.17] BoA LIVE TOUR 2008 -THE FACE-

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